Jesus answered them and GAVE THEM THE SIGN: “When ye therefore shall see the ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand:)...” Mark reported: “But when ye shall see the ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing where it ought not, (let him that readeth understand)” Luke's Report TELLS US PLAINLY what we're supposed to "UNDERSTAND": “And WHEN YE SHALL SEE JERUSALEM COMPASSED WITH ARMIES, THEN KNOW that the DESOLATION THEREOF is nigh.” The END-TIME ANNIHILATION of JERUSALEM IS THE ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION!! (Mat 24:15, Luk 21:20, Mar 13:14) ..... Let's TURN ON THE NEWS and see if armies are CURRENTLY surrounding Jerusalem?? --clark

I Received a 2nd Witness of Prophecy Understandings!

The following report may sound "far-fetched" but it is true:

One day in late summer of 2009 I was sitting at my office desk.  I had tuned my television to FoxNews and was getting ready to watch The O’Reilly Factor.  Suddenly the TV changed channels without me doing a thing.  Appearing on-screen was an enthusiastic Christian preacher who was dressed in traditional Jewish attire.  He was talking about end-times Bible prophecy.  Well, I was trying to watch The O’Reilly Factor so I changed the TV back.  I wrote this off as some kind of fluke (such as my grandkids accidentally recording a channel by mistake).

Well, a week later…yes you guessed it… this dude, with all the Jewish clothing and symbolism, popped back onto my TV while I was trying to watch FoxNews!  This time I watched and prayed.

As you might know: some of my understanding of Bible prophecy is unique... not exactly lined up with the main-stream evangelical ideas.  This man, who is known as a Messianic Rabbi, over a 21 episode television series, provided me with a 2nd witness and Scriptural verification for practically every prophecy interpretation that I had been given to date.  I also learned many things that were new..

I am giving you 3 links (YouTube videos) below.  Please do not pay attention to this man’s clothes.  Don’t worry about any of these Jewish customs or observances. Just listen to what he is saying.

His name is Kirt Schneider.  He is a Messianic Jew who accepts and teaches Jesus Christ as Lord, King and Savior!

His series is called:

“Discovering the Jewish Jesus, Understanding The End Times & The Book of Revelation Through the Eyes of the Hebrew Prophets”:

The following 3 short clips make up the Introduction (After viewing these, by clicking on the links, you will probably be interested to see the remainder of the series.  Just let me know and I will arrange it for you.

Discovering the Jewish Jesus-1

Discovering the Jewish Jesus-2

Discovering the Jewish Jesus-3


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